About Us

About Us


Franché Mineral Cosmetics are created using state-of-the-art technology by blending vitamins and mineral pigments that are pulverized, culminating in micro-crystals. When these pressed crystals are applied to the skin’s surface, they form a thin protective layer against free-radicals, while allowing the skin to breathe and perform normally. Skin never looks more beautiful than when wearing velvet-feeling Mineral Cosmetics, which are long-wearing and highly water-resistant. The mineral colors will not crease or smear even during extreme exercise, high humidity, or rain.

Franché Mineral Cosmetics &Chirally Correct Skin Care remains on the cutting edge of technology, providing solutions for consumers who are having more aggressive skin treatments and wanted a safe and chemical-free cosmetic to wear immediately following microdermabrasion laser resurfacing chemical peels and facials.

Franché Mineral Cosmetics and Chiral Skin Care practices are environmentally aware, animal-friendly and with Franché Mineral Pressed Cosmetics being vegan.

All products are manufactured in the United States of America and distributed globally.

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